Quick-drying Pet Dog and Cat Towels

Size : 30x60CM

Warm as spring: Our Dog Towels for Drying Dogs are made of thickened fabrics with multiple water absorption capacities, which can quickly absorb the moisture on your pet, shorten the drying time, and make your pet warm and comfortable.
As soft as Mom's hands: Our Microfiber Dog Towel is made of soft superfine fibers, which are soft and comfortable for your skin, safe and odorless, giving your pet an ideal bath experience.
Accompany you every day: This dog towel is thickened, the terry is firm, and it is not easy to shed and fade, so it can be cleaned with detergent in the machine. The hook design of the towel makes it convenient to hang and air after you dry it.
One Towel for Multiple Purposes: These Dog Drying Towels can not only be used when the dog is taking a bath, but also be used when your pet is wet in the rain, after swimming, and on the journey. They can also be used as blankets and mats to provide a warm and comfortable environment for your furry friends.
Good Partner of Cats and Dogs: Our Pet Towel has three sizes, suitable for small and medium-sized cats and dogs of different varieties, and brings natural warmth to your pets.

Material: Superfine fiber
M: 30x60CM
L: 50X100CM
XL: 70X140CM
Product contains: 1x towel
Our dog bath towels are made of microfiber material, which is super absorbent. Soft and comfortable
With thick and tight fabrics, our pet dry towels can instantly absorb water, allowing dogs and cats to dry quickly and avoid making a mess.
Economical and practical. It can be stored in your car so that your pet can travel or use it at home. Provide comfort for your pet and protect your sofa, carpet, car, bed, floor or chair.
Multi-purpose dog towel. Not only for drying dogs and cats. Soft and comfortable to the touch, it also keeps pets warm and comfortable. Ideal for grooming, travel, pet kennels or cages to keep your pet warm, comfortable and comfortable

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