Outdoor Cookware 1-2 People Camping Cookware Set

Color : Black

Material:Aluminum,After anodic oxidation treatment


【Frying Pan】:1A,Diameter15CM/High3.5CM Handle10cm


【Bamboo shovel】:1A 12*5cm

【Plastic spoon】:1A Long16cm Caliber7.8cm Deep2cm

【Weight】: 520G

【Packaging】: White box packaging,And equipped with a cloth bag,Easy to carry.

【Packing specification】: 16*9.2*16cm

For1-2People use,Including a cooking pot、Frying Pan,One tablespoon,A spoon,A fork spoon,Clean loofah,Two plastic bowl。High quality aluminum,Hard oxidation treatment,High temperature resistant、Friction。Spoon、Rice spoon and plastic bowl adopt high densityPPMade of materials。