Kitchen Gadgets Poultry Fish Chicken Bone Scissors

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  • Professional 9.5" Kitchen Stainless Steel Shears Poultry Chicken Bone Scissors
  • The humanity design handle ensures a secure, non-slip grip.
  • Multifunctional, cut chicken bone, fish, and crab easily.
  • The concave position is used for cutting tree shape objects and cartilage objects, such as chicken foot bones. such as chicken fish stomachs, shark fins, etc.
  • A polished ergonomic handle prevents hand strain and keeps the perfect balance.
  • The unique design makes the blade can be locked which improves safety.
  • built-in spring, serrated cutting edge, and bone-breaking notch make easy work separating bone and cutting cartilage objects.
  • The design has the shear for poultry is easy to cut.

  • Material: Whole stainless steel
  • Size:25cm x 4.5cm/9.8" x 1.7" -- Blade: 9cm/3.5"
  • Color: Silver
Package Include :
1pc x Stainless Chicken Bone Scissor
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