HX-50B Large Terminal Crimping Pliers

Color : HX50B 10inch cable cutter

Crimp tools are used for non-solder and standard electrical connections. The crimping die is made of high carbon hard steel, which can process 6-50mm2 bare cable; capacity. It has the characteristics of long service life, accurate aperture and good crimping effect.

1. Precision crimping module, integrated locking device, automatic release mechanism, even after repeated crimping, can still ensure high-quality crimping effect.
2. According to ergonomic design, the long handle provides maximum leverage and is easier to close. Non-slip handle with finger grooves for safe operation.
3. Made of hardened hexagonal carbon steel, suitable for 6-50mm ⊃ 2 bare wire.
4. The profile can be set by rotating the crimp handle far enough to allow access to hard-to-reach areas.
5. Small and lightweight, easy to use and carry, professional and practical crimping tool.

Material: High carbon steel crimping die + rubber handle shell
Main color: blue
Scope of application: 6-50MM2
Hexagonal die size: 6mm⊃2;, 10mm⊃2;, 16mm⊃2;, 25mm⊃2;, 35mm⊃2;, 50mm⊃2;
Length: 39CM/15.35\'
Width: 7.9CM/3.1\'
Application: Non-Insulated Terminals (Hex)

Package Included:
1 x HX-50B Crimp Tool
1 x 10 inch wire cutters