Accent Plus Eiffel Tower Metalwork Candle Holder

Country Of Manufacture : China
Material : Metal
Style : Home & Garden

Introducing the Accent Plus Eiffel Tower Metalwork Candle Holder, the perfect addition to any decor seeking a touch of French elegance. This exquisite candle holder boasts a beautifully intricate metalwork that delicately showcases the iconic Eiffel Tower. A glass cup rests securely within the base, elegantly holding your chosen candle. The candle light creates a warm, inviting atmosphere as it shines through the metalwork, casting a wonderful glow across the room. With a weight of 1.2 pounds, this candle holder is both sturdy and durable, standing tall at 15.5 inches. Measuring 8 inches square, the holder is the perfect size for any table or mantle. Crafted with high-quality metal and glass, this candle holder is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Please note that the candle is not included. Add a touch of elegance to your decor with the Accent Plus Eiffel Tower Metalwork Candle Holder.

Add some French flair to any decor with this beautiful Eiffel Tower candle holder! Glass cup rests within the base, and the candle light gives off a wonderful glow through the intricate metalwork. Weight 1.2 pounds. 8 inches square x 15.5 inches tall. Metal and glass. Candle not included.