Diplomatic Gift Zhangjiajie Tujia Maoyan Berry Tea

Type : Style A

Diplomatic Gift Spring Vine Tea

Vine Tea is mainly a local specialty of ethnic minorities in mountainous areas such as western Hunan, western Hubei, and Guizhou, so it is rarely known in other regions. In recent years, large-scale industrial development and promotion have only been carried out. In fact, the Tujia people have a history of drinking rattan tea for over a thousand years. During the Ming Dynasty, rattan tea was still a tribute from the Tujia chieftain to the emperor.

Searching online for keywords such as "vine tea, dihydroyangmycin, snake grape extract, total flavonoids of vine tea, selenium" can lead to a lot of information and research reports on the efficacy of vine tea. It can also be found on the website of the China Intellectual Property Office, which has more than 40 patent certificates for the magical efficacy of vine tea.

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Style A: Diplomatic Gift Spring Vine Tea

Style B: Gongfu Vine Tea

Style C: Tujia Maoyan Berry Tea

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