Small Apartments Portable Clothes Dryer

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[5 Drying Modes]

COOL DOWN (0-20mins): for delicates; WARM (30-120mins): standard drying; HOT (120-200min): drying bulky loads; ANTI-WRINKLE (30-60min): wrinkle prevention; AIR DRY (0-80mins) for delicates. The dryer can reach temperatures up to 155°F to achieve accelerated drying in as fast as 20 minutes.

[Comprehensive Performance]

The powerful drying ability can make the inner tub reach a valid level to achieve accelerated drying. Meanwhile; the precise sensor will detect the moisture content instantly and turn off the machine automatically when the clothes are dry. So that it can reduce energy consumption and provide comprehensive protection for clothing fabrics. As part of the safety measures; if you want to add more clothes; the machine will automatically stop when the front door is opened. For the same reason; when you find that the dryer is not working; you should first check the door and make sure that it is closed tightly.

[Intelligent Safe Operation]

The drying sensor mode allows the machine to sense whether the laundry has dried earlier than the setting. If yes; it automatically enters 'Cool Down' mode to protect the fabric and save energy. The machine also stops automatically once the door is opened. No matter whether you want to add more clothes or if the door is accidentally opened by a child; it’s safe to use the dryer.

[Other Features]

Stainless steel inner tub; air intake; built-in filter to collect lint; and hair.

[Easy Installation Portable Laundry Dryer]

Free Standing | Stacking | Wall Mounting (Kit included) Compact clothes dryer machine dimensions: 19.5'x 16.1'x23.8'

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