What are the various types of Scented tea?

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What are the various types of Scented tea?

rose Tea
Rose is sweet and slightly bitter in taste and warm in nature. (But not suitable for people with heavy menstrual blood!)

Eucommia Herbal Tea
Due to the scarcity of Eucommia and its huge medicinal value, the National Medicinal Materials Department has listed "Eucommia ulmoides, Aesculus aesculus, Ganoderma lucidum, and bear gall bladder" as the four special-control medicinal materials in short supply.
Among the herbs, Eucommia is the most precious; Eucommia is up and down, and the male flowers are respected. "Eu commune male flower" is rich in more than 80 kinds of natural active ingredients, which have the effect of raising yang qi and nourishing the liver, and is especially suitable for drinking in spring.

forget-me-not flower tea
Forget-me-not flower tea clears heat and detoxifies, clears heart and eyesight, nourishes yin and kidney, nourishes beauty, nourishes blood and blood, and can promote body metabolism, delay cell aging, and improve immunity. Anti-virus, anti-cancer and anti-cancer. It has skin care and beauty, promotes metabolism, and can effectively regulate women's physiological problems. It is the first choice for healthy women.

Calendula tea
Calendula contains minerals such as phosphorus and vitamin C, and the main use part is the petals. Drinking calendula tea can sweat, diuretic, clear dampness and heat. And its flowers can also be made into salads, or used in cooking to add color and aroma.

Lily Tea
It can moisten the lungs and relieve cough, soothe the mind and relieve stomach pain. Cool and moisten the lungs, remove fire and soothe the nerves. It has a miraculous effect on chronic cough due to yin deficiency, moistening the lungs and resolving phlegm, blood in the phlegm, irritability and palpitation, insomnia and dreaminess, and trance. Regulates the lungs, is used for lung dryness cough, lung deficiency cough and lung cancer vomiting blood, cures cough, dizziness, restless sleep at night, etc.

Jasmine tea
Scented tea can promote brain function and protect nerve cells; it also has analgesic effect, which has a certain effect on women's "dysmenorrhea"; jasmine tea in jasmine tea also has a preventive effect on men's prostatitis and prostate enlargement.
Cooking rice with jasmine tea is fragrant and delicious, and it can also maintain health, cure diseases and prolong life. The elderly can soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, prevent stroke and anti-aging. Aromatic substances in tea can increase white blood cells and enhance resistance; fluoride in tea and rice cooked in tea can prevent tooth decay. Taking tea and cooking rice in summer and autumn can also dispel wind and dissipate heat, prevent dysentery and so on.

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