Special birthday party for the 11th birthday of the giant panda "Golden Tiger"

Special birthday party for the 11th birthday of the giant panda "Golden Tiger"

On July 28, China's Dalian Forest Zoo's Internet celebrity giant panda "Golden Tiger" is 11 years old! This is also its ninth birthday in Dalian, and the Forest Zoo has prepared a lively birthday party for it.

As a handsome and expressive "Little Talker", "Golden Tiger" has a lot of fans. This year's birthday party also gathered fans from all over the world to celebrate the birthday of "Golden Tiger".

In addition, the garden party also invited ten children and big friends who had birthdays with "Golden Tiger" to the scene to celebrate their birthdays with the giant pandas.

In order to organize a meaningful birthday party for the "Golden Tiger", the park is full of photos on both sides of the escalator in the Panda Pavilion: from the time when the three little cuties were together in a happy time when they arrived in Bincheng by plane nine years ago , I saw snow for the first time, galloping, rolling, climbing trees, selling cuteness in the playground...

With everyone’s expectation and support, the talented dad greeted the protagonist "Golden Tiger" with his handsome appearance with his singing. "Golden Tiger" walked into the outdoor stadium without a hassle to meet the enthusiastic tourists.

The "Golden Tiger", who was excited early in the morning, was full of curiosity in the well-arranged birthday venue. In the end, they couldn't resist the temptation of delicious food. They launched a fierce "offensive" on the birthday cake. The delicious bamboo shoots and fresh fruits made the "Golden Tiger" happily eating.

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