Economic trend of bikini with upside down female swimsuit

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Economic trend of bikini with upside down female swimsuit

In recent years, the major media platforms, magazines and newspapers frequently publish the word "upside down", which has become popular in various industries.

For example,

The upside down of US bond yields is indeed a phenomenon that we have to be vigilant against.

House prices upside down, in the end is "pie" or "trap"?

This term of old employees' salary is inverted by "back wave", can only save "face" by job hopping?

To make a million? Hangzhou real estate prices upside down filled

Financial observation: the upside down of treasury bond yield rings the alarm for the US economy

What does the upside down of US debt mean- Financial sector

Another interpretation of "upside down": has this recession signal become a global problem?

What is upside down?

Hang upside down; drooping. In economic terms, it also means that when the same listed company is listed on two different exchanges, the stock prices of the two places are different. The stock price of the same listed company has always been higher than that of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Conversely, it is called upside down.

We know that the outbreak has stimulated global risk aversion. Regardless of the wealth loss of the world's richest people, such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and sun Zhengyi. At present, the economic situation and future development trend are like women's inverted bikini swimsuit. Maybe you think it's pure bullshit. Well, let's give a graphic presentation and try to get inspiration from the fashionable bikini.

Economic trend of bikini with upside down female swimsuit

The formation and development of the world economy has generally gone through three historical stages: the period of economic germination, the period of economic formation and the period of economic incubation. Finally, the birth, development and growth of the world's enterprises have been bred. Through the baptism of historical trend and market, multinational giants with diversified development have been formed. At the same time, some enterprises break through the bottleneck in the development and reform of the market, explore the future, experience the change after vanishing, and regain a new life. Today, the century old enterprises in Europe and Asia are still based on the world economy.

According to the report of Eurizon SLJ capital, US Treasury bonds currently account for more than half of the global safe haven assets, twice the share during the global financial crisis. U.S. debt has become the first choice for global investors, and U.S. debt investors are all over the world. In this case, the signal of the reversal of the yield curve reflects the problem of global economic growth rather than the situation of the US economy.

Gregory faranello, head of U.S. interest rates at amerivet securities in New York, said:

"The upside down curve of US bond yield is becoming a signal of global economic recession."

However, in an interview with foreign media, Clarida, vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, also played down the negative impact of upside down yield curve. He said the upside down of the yield curve was not really driven by the outlook for the US economy, but by global factors. Then, let's briefly discuss the trend of future economic development, taking bikini as an example.

Economic trend of bikini with upside down female swimsuit

Many people have been worried about the "hard landing" of China's economy for years. China look far ahead from a high plane of vision. One belt, one road, and the other is the "shared destiny of mankind". Most importantly, China's productivity is increasing, which means that the economic growth rate is likely to continue to increase. Of course, there is a real risk of increased inflation, which is one of the reasons for accelerating the appreciation of RMB. At the same time, the most important thing is to adopt more active policies to stimulate personal consumption and reduce trade surplus. China also needs to improve energy efficiency. Although there are some good signs, more needs to be done.

Japan's "BRICs" researcher KEISHI mencang: after the "BRICs", Vista (Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina) will become the most potential emerging countries.

Basis: as potential emerging countries, Vista five countries have attracted people's attention. The economies of these five countries will develop rapidly in the next few decades. According to the calculation of the BRICs Economic Research Institute, from 2005 to 2050, the economic scale of the seven major western industrial countries (G7) will expand to 2.5 times in US dollars, 20 times in BRICs and 28 times in Vista, Therefore, it is reasonable to think that vista is the most potential emerging country.

The above are the views on the future economic development trend of bikini with upside down swimsuit. Please correct and pay attention to the global economic development trend of the world. Welcome to pay more attention to our blog:

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